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3 Things Perfectionists Need to Hear

Hello, my name is Crystal, and I’m a perfectionist. Perfectionists, where did the idea come from that we had to be perfect to succeed? Why do we panic as we wait for the results of a project or an assignment, even though we’ve put in hours of hard work and dedication into it? Why do… Continue reading 3 Things Perfectionists Need to Hear

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WWW Wednesday

It’s time to get your reading on! Now that I’ve gotten into the Denver Publishing Institute, I’m reading more than ever before. But I can’t help but go for the books in my favorite genre. This is the weekly WWW Wednesday meme where book lovers share what books they’ve just read, are reading currently, and… Continue reading WWW Wednesday

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Conquer Fear Now With These 4 Strategies

When you’re caught in a downward spiral, fear can stop you from getting back up. Okay, I’m going to take a deep breath and get real with you guys. Right now, I’m terrified. I’m coming off a great month and going into a slow month. The feeling of not doing anything and of not working makes… Continue reading Conquer Fear Now With These 4 Strategies